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🎀 Speaking/Moderating External Engagements
πŸ” Cambrial Summit (ie. Day-Long)
✨ Cambrial Meetup or Workshop



Panel: Cryptocurrencies - Paving The Way For Mass Adoption Into The Crypto Ecosystem 🎀 [speaking]
at SuperReturn International: Disruption and Innovation Summit
with U. Goyal (Apis Partners), P. Gauthier (Ledger), M. Bhargava (Tagomi), M. Veremis (Cambridge Associates), D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(25/02/2020, Berlin)

Panel: The Rise of Prime Brokerage and Its Impact on the Institutional Trading Landscape 🎀 [speaking]
at Digital Asset Summit: London
with R. Muirhead (Fabric), D. Tokarev (Copper), D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(10/02/2020, London)

Panel: Venture Capital - Where Do Insiders Invest 🎀 [speaking]
at Protos Blockchain Summit
with C. Nagel (Earlybird), K. Seiff (Blockchange), D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(17/01/2020, Zurich)

ZK-LDN 0x05: On Homomorphic Encryption and Coconut ✨
with K. Laine (Microsoft Research), A. Sonnino (Facebook/UCL)

(15/11/2019, London)

ZK-LDN 0x04: On Marlin and PLONK ✨
with M. Maller (Ethereum Foundation), Z. Williamson (Aztec Protocol)

(23/10/2019, London)

Panel: Chasing Yield - Interest Rates & Crypto Native Yields 🎀 [speaking]
at DeFi.WTF
with T. Schmidt (0x), D. Robinson (Paradigm), T. Elmore (Topo Finance), Z. Yin (DyDx) and A. Obadia (Cambrial)

(07/10/2019, Osaka)

DeFi & Gaming Fireside Chat 🎀 [speaking]
at NODE Tokyo 2019
with M. Leibowitz (TheBlock) and A. Obadia (Cambrial)

(05/10/2019, Tokyo)

DeFi Summit London πŸ”
with MakerDAO, Centrifuge, ConsenSys, Oasis Labs, Guesser, Set Protocol and many others

(10-11/09/2019, London)

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: The end of Venture Capital as we know it? 🎀 [speaking]
with R. Muirhead (Fabric Ventures), P. Beer (Cluster Capital), B. NΓ©methi (Aeternity Foundation) and R. Schultz (BlockchainPunk Labs) and A. Obadia (Cambrial)

(21/08/2019, Berlin)

Enabling Next-Generation Finance with Blockchain 🎀 [moderating]
with Bitwala, MakerDAO, Ontology and Aave

(19/08/2019, Berlin)

ZK-LDN 0x02: On Sonic and Efficient Private Transactions ✨
with M. Maller (Ethereum Foundation), Z. Williamson (Aztec Protocol)

(03/06/2019, London)

Cambrial x Genesis Capital: Crypto Market Infrastructure: The Institutionalization of Crypto ✨
with S. Higgs (Vo1t), S. Chung (Kraken Futures), M. Moro (Genesis Capital) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(30/05/2019, London)

#DeFi for crypto traders 🎀 [speaking]
with M. Feng (Hummingbot), A. Lu (UMA Protocol), J. Senhaji (MakerDAO), B. Wang (DDEX), C. Kennelly (Staked) and A. Obadia (Cambrial)
More Info, Watch

(09/05/2019, NYC)

Panel: Blockchain Applied – examining the practical use cases for decentralized ledgers 🎀 [speaking]
at The Trading Show, Blockchain track
with W. Peets (Passport Capital), M. Kaye (Blockhead Capital), Y. Ruan (8 Decimal Capital) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info

(08/05/2019, Chicago)

ZK-LDN 0x01: zk-SNARKs - How to develop and use them in practice ✨
with D. Hopwood (Zcash), H. Roberts (EthSnarks)

(03/06/2019, London)

Panel: State of the Art - institutional investments in the crypto space 🎀 [speaking]
at Paris Blockchain Week Summit
with M. Yusko (Morgan Creek), C. Meraud (Woorton), A. Robinson (Coinbase), M. Dudas (TheBlock) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info

(16/04/2019, Paris)

Cambrial: Digital Assets, The LP's Perspective (London Edition) ✨
with M. Veremis (Cambridge Associates) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info

(25/03/2019, London)

Cambrial: Digital Assets, The LP's Perspective (SuperReturn Edition)✨
with J. Schorge (Isomer Capital), M. Veremis (Cambridge Associates), D. Dana (European Investment Fund) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info

(26/02/2019, Berlin)

Panel: Trading sardines? Developments and dead ends in the search for a cryptoasset valuation model 🎀 [moderating]
at SuperReturn International Disruption and Innovation Summit
with R. Muirhead (Fabric Ventures), N. Brand (Lakestar), M. Veremis (Cambridge Associates) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info

(26/02/2019, Berlin)

Cambrial: Investing In Governance ✨
with S Bernardi (Aragon/Semantic Ventures), A. Evans (Placeholder), A. Lange (Index Ventures), E. Verbin (Berlin Innovation Ventures), J. Brukhman (CoinFund), R. Zurrer (Web3 Foundation, ex-Polychain) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info, Video

(28/01/2019, Berlin)

Panel: Winning and Losing Investment Strategies 🎀 [speaking]
at Protos Blockchain Summit 2019
with M. Maurer (Cryptofund AG), Dr. A. Illner (Crypto One AG / Crytek), Dr. P. Kallerhoff (Protos) and H. Duong (Cambrial)
More Info

(16/01/2019, Zurich)

Crypto Finance Conference St Moritz 🎀 [speaking]
with D. Fauchier (Cambrial) Conference tickets

(16-18/01/2019, St Moritz)

Panel: How To Invest In Deep Tech 🎀 [speaking]
at Berlin Innovation Summit
with C. Wade (Isomer Capital), P. Moehring (AngelList), H. Duong (Cambrial)

(10/12/2018, Berlin)

Panel: #DeFi - The Road To Decentralized Finance 🎀 [speaking]
with P. Stehlik (Centrifuge), S. George (Gnosis), P. Mayr (Cherry Ventures), H. Duong (Cambrial)
More Info

(06/12/2018, Berlin)

The State of Crypto Funds: challenges, opportunities, what next? 🎀 [speaking]
At the MJAC Blockchain Summit
with D. Fauchier (Cambrial) More Info

(30/11/2018, London)

Two Perspectives on Crypto: Investment & Data 🎀 [speaking]
At the UCL Center For Blockchain Technologies (CBT)
with Sidharth S. (Token Analyst), Thamim A. (CBT), Nikhil V. (CBT) and E. Nelson (Cambrial)
More Info

(27/11/2018, London)

Generalized Mining: New Models for Crypto Funds 🎀 [speaking]
At the Blockchain Venture Summit
with D. Fauchier (Cambrial) More Info

(21/11/2018, London)

Panel: Where Does The German Blockchain Ecosystem Stand? 🎀 [speaking]
At Blockchain Technology Conference
with M. Preuss (BTC-ECHO), P. Claudius (Blockstate), V. Rathi (Systango), I. Rammer (Thinktecture), Prof. K. Adam (HTW Berlin) and H. Duong (Cambrial)
More Info, Watch

(20/11/2018, Berlin)

Panel: True Stories from Quants Trading in the Digital Asset Ecosystem 🎀 [moderating]
At Battle Of The Quants -- Big Data
with J. Palmstierna (GSR), S. Kehoe (SVKCrypto), N. Eapen (Arcadia Crypto Ventures) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More Info

(15/11/2018, London)

Workshop: Blockchain – Technological and Economic Change Driver for Business Models? ✨
At Roland Berger Future Academy
with H. Duong (Cambrial)

(09/11/2018, Berlin)

Generalized Mining and The Third-Party Economy ✨
in collab. with Coinfund
with Vest, Livepeer, Multicoin Capital, Chorus One, ZK Capital/Prysmatic Labs, NuCypher, Cryptium Labs, Fabric Ventures, Rocketpool
More Info, Watch

(30/10/2018, Prague)

#DeFi Summit - Prague πŸ”
in collab. with Dharma Labs, MakerDAO, Coinbase Wallet, Centrifuge and Set Protocol.

(29/10/18, Prague)

Cambrial & Blockstack Present: The Case Against Individual Data Ownership ✨
with S. Thiagaraj (Blockstack), Ben Livshits (Brave), A. Hassard (NuCypher) and A. Obadia (Cambrial)
in collab. with Blockstack, Louise Ivan and
More Info, Watch

(24/10/18, Berlin)

Decentralizing The Word Tour, Powered by Blockstack 🎀[moderating]
with M. Ali (Blockstack), R. Muirhead (Fabric Ventures), L. Salibra (Blockstack), Justin Carter (Misthos), Vinay Gupta (Mattereum) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More info, Video

(01/10/18, London)

Panel: State of the State of Crypto Funds 🎀 [speaking]
at FO256
with W. Peets (Passport Capital), J. Allen (Dekrypt Capital), M. Tang (Cantos Ventures), E. Torenberg (Village Global) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
More info

(17/09/18, New York)

Cambrial: Putting Debt On The Blockchain ✨
with N. Hollander (Dharma), S. Ramesh (Dharma), V. Bahachuk (Bloqboard) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)
in collab. with Fabric Ventures

(11/09/18, London)

ETHBerlin Closing Party πŸŽ‰
in collab. with Delicious Fabrications, Dharma, Parity, Spankchain and ETHBerlin

(09/09/18, Berlin)

Fireside chat with CoinList's CEO ✨
with A. Bromberg (CoinList) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(19/06/18, London)

Fireside chat with Circle's CEO ✨
with J. Allaire (Circle) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(15/06/18, Paris)

Panel: Investing In a New Asset Class 🎀 [moderating]
at CogX 2018
with M. Demirrors (CoinShares), C. Noyes (Pantera Capital), R. Muirhead (Fabric Ventures), T. Scher (DCG) and D. Fauchier (Cambrial)

(11/06/18, London)

Blockstack Berlin Speaker's Dinner 🍴

(02/03/18, Berlin)

Ethereum Community Conference Speaker's Dinner 🍴
in collab. with Fabric Ventures.

(09/03/18, Paris)